Belgian Pharmacognosy Day 2024

BRUXELLES/BRUSSELS - Vendredi 24 mai 2024 / Friday 24th of May, 2024


Université  Libre de Bruxelles, Campus Plaine, Forum A/B, Bruxelles.


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9:00 AM: Participant welcome


9:30 AM: Plenary Lecture: Prof. Joël Boustie (Université de Rennes): Challenges and Benefits to Work on Lichens.


10:00 AM: Short Communications:

Espoir Kambale, UCLouvain, Green- versus Chemically-synthesized Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles for the Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.

Godfrey Sambayi, UAntwerpen, Medicinal plants traditionally used in the treatment of sickle cell disease.


10:30 AM: Coffee Break


11:00 AM: Plenary Lecture: Prof. Filomena Conforti (University of Calabria): Mediterranean dietary plants: the healthy role of their phytochemical compounds on metabolic disorders. 

11:30 AM: Short Communications (2)

Olivier Bonnet, ULiège, Investigation of alkaloid content from plants of the Strychnos genus by molecular networking: towards the discovery of new antimalarial compounds ?

Anthony Cnudde, ULB, Phytotherapy, Vigilance and Artificial Intelligence: Is Attention all you need?

12:00 AM: Plenary Lecture: Prof. Yvan VanderHeyden (VUB): Metabolite profiling or fingerprinting in natural-product research.


12:30 AM: Lunch


1:30 PM: Plenary Lecture: Prof. Rudi Bauer (University of Graz, Austria): Implications of Intestinal Microbiota in the Action of Medicinal Plants

2:00 PM: Short Communications (2)

Julie Carette, UMons, Exploring the biological activities of carotenoids on preformed Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilms: focus on beta-carotene and astaxanthin.

Stef Lauwers, UAntwerpen, Age-related Impact on Biotransformation of Olive Polyphenols.

2:30 PM: Plenary Lecture: Prof. Gert Laekeman (KULeuven):


3:00 PM: Coffee Break


3:30 PM: Short Communications (1)

Sébastien Sinaeve, ULB,  Activité néphroprotectrice du genre Ganoderma vis-à-vis du cisplatine : étude in vitro et analyse du contenu chimique.

3:45 PM: Concluding remarks and honors to Kris Demeyer (VUB), Pierre Duez (UMons), Luc Pieters (UA) and Joëlle Quentin-Leclercq (UCLouvain).

4:30 PM: Plenary Lecture: Prof. Robert Verpoorte (University of Leiden): Pharmacognosy: Mother of all pharmaceutical disciplines - Chaire Collen-Francqui ULB - 2023-2024.


5:00 -7:00 PM: Get Together Party